Take your Body Back 4 Week Transformation

Take your Body Back 4 Week Transformation

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Take your body back and you will take your true power back! Our bodies are inherent message boards to our mind and spirit. Fitness and nutrition is a GREAT way to enhance the emotional, mental, and spiritual pathways to becoming your best possible version (whatever that looks like for you).

Take Your Body Back is a 4 week transformation program - geared to shed fat, boost metabolism, and build lean muscle definition and keep your curves.


  • Complete 4 week fitness program & calendar
  • Customized meal plan
  • Learn how to build your own plan
  • Learn nutrition, yourself, & your body
  • Access to VIP Facebook Support Group (Private)
  • Glute Optimization Programming to keep/build strong feminine curves
  • 3 Day Power Up - specialized programming to drop water weight 


  • NO gym required
  • Optional Booty Bands from (www.thexbands.com)

 While this is about transforming the body, the bigger shift is one of self-love, mastery of mind over matter, and empowerment from within! You transform into a whole new being. It is not about simply losing weight, or getting “fit.” Take Your Body Back is about taking charge of your body and becoming who you were created to be - sexy, strong, vibrant, and powerful!

If you choose to purchase the Coaching component it will take your relationship with yourself, your body, and your food to unimaginable new heights!

Included with the Coaching:

  • 5 Day Detox
  • Videos: Videos sent directly to you the first week to help you
  • Weekly videos: Videos sent directly to you on strategies for success, motivation, and anchoring you in your best mindset
  • Individualized Coaching